So, I thought pre-world gin day this Saturday, let’s have a look at the amazing drink that gin is! And… guess what? It truly is amazing – I’d go as far as to say you’d be silly not to drink it. Just look at the benefits!

Calorie cruncher

Gin glides in to one of the top spots for least calorific spirits at just 97 calories, so add yourself a slimline tonic in there and your waistline will give you a big thumbs up.

Diabetics choice

Research has shown that the good ol’ G&T is the safest drink for people with type 1 diabetes. Obviously, you need to be careful as does everyone but it’s the best for a little tipple now and then and let your hair down in style.

Keeps your joints well oiled

Juniper is the primary botanical used in gin and for years its inflammation reducing properties have been used as a remedy for arthritis and rheumatism. Some sufferers swear by gin-soaked raisins, eating ten of the little marvels a day to keep inflammation at bay.

A classy way to fight off the common cold

Those good old juniper berries strike again by removing mucus in your throat and enabling your lungs to flow freely. I like to make a Gin Hot Toddy to make me feel better by mixing gin, with fresh lemon juice, hot water, sugar syrup and a slice of lemon garnished with ginger. Cosy up on the sofa in front of the TV and you’ll be right in no time.

Hay fever helper

Whilst supping a beer or a cider on a warm day might sound blissful to you, if you’re a hay fever sufferer – think again! The fermentation process in those drinks produces a higher histamine content than clear spirits like gin and in my book there’s only one clear spirit, so crack out the gin on a hot summers day to keep those sniffles at bay.

Battle bloating

Another tick in the juniper berry box – those super berries are natural diuretics leaving you less bloated and helping flush away toxins that may cause UTIs.

The berries don’t stop there, they increase the number of enzymes to break down food, thus helping with digestion. Are you thinking what I’m thinking? Flat belly when you go out?!

Baby soft skin

Really? Well, it’s those berries again doing all the work actually. Packed full of antioxidants they give the regenerating cells in your body a kick up the bum, putting them to work on making your skin smooth and youthful! It might not be time to ditch the anti-wrinkle cream but what other drink can boast these sorts of benefits?

Now, before I get jumped on for promoting the health benefits of gin… remember… everything in moderation. But, if you’re going to enjoy a little tipple make sure it’s gin!