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Pimp your Gin 

The 3 mixer brands you should pay attention to in 2020. “I don’t like Gin!” That’s a comment I get a lot during Gin Tastings. But when I take the time to delve into that statement with a member of the audience, one of 2…


Gin, it’s still a thing, in Spring! 

Back in Mid-2019, as a Bartender, I could see the Gin Boom slightly slowing down. I’d also been listening to distillers and trade experts who were adamant that Rum was going to be the next big thing. While I didn’t quite see Rum as the…


Crisis Cooking: Sausage Casserole 

Cooking during COVID-19 is going to be interesting, depending on what we have available to us. When you’re cooking for a family of six it requires a fair amount of forward thinking and a bit of creativity in the kitchen.